About Us

JPF Group Co. Inc.

created out of trust and belief that our clients should be satisfied with their flooring services and we will take care of them. Our clients, vendors and team became our focus on working with the best all around.

With our original specialty being flooring our clients wanted more from our services in the construction services. We built a strong partnership of a team of people we trusted to have great skill and knowledge of their trade. JPF Group was born.

We are on a path of being the leaders in vetting and showcasing the top contractors of trades women and men in Calgary. It is important to our culture to share the success of our company with all stakeholders. We pride ourselves on those who have come to partner with JPF

JPF Vision

Serving all people, stakeholders, vendors for years to come with exactly what they want in the construction industry

JPF Philosophy

Business is about everyone involved and we love people and the service we provide. Calgarians deserve the BEST

Hello & Welcome to our family!

On the left is Jarrod and the right is Paries, JPF. Let me share a little bit about us, our partnership and our team so you can one day share about YOU.
Jarrod started 20 years ago in the construction world. It opened doors to go from being a labour to and independent contractor and now a CEO.
I, Paries joined my husband then boyfriend to grow a company of him and a helper into a larger service.
We are the happy couple of JPF Group Co. Thanks for visiting our page.