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Consultation & Site Walk-through

It is truly important to have a physical site review for the most accurate and clear vision for scope of work to be done. Assessing the project for best use and functionality for the property owner and those who will be experiencing the place offers an advantage for both parties.

1. You will be meeting with our Project Coordinators as they will be with you from starting the process at consultation/site meeting to end of project process.

2. During this time, we are gathering information, doing additional site measures to support the drawings provided or to have the quantities need to price the space.

3. Safety and regulator standards are our top priority. If the space needs remediation, restoration or a plan for safety action we will discuss to show our immediate attention to concerns for both parties.

Budget Creation & Presentation

We can and will support you in this process and work with your financial needs to have this project done to the best it can be.

1.Our proposed budget is for you to have options. There are always alternative products and solutions to design that can change the budget to match your vision and business goals.

2.We discuss what the company, its stake holders, employees and clients need from this space to be successful. The branding of your company should show and shine by the environment your business is being practiced in.

3. Scheduling, business operation hours and any strategic holidays is what we close out our meetings with. We let you decide the ROI on the investment in your company’s extension of its people. Maintenance, duration of ownership, tenancy is all covered to make sure we are complete the presentation and final consult.

Renovation Process

We start with a great plan! We prepare everyone involved prior to star date on what they need to do for us to be in your space. If this is a new space scheduling our trades team to support, you time effectively is our priority.

1. Once product selection and floor plan is completed we will schedule the renovation start date once permits have been sent in and approved (no structural then there is just starting)

2. SAFETY, you should feel confident in our process and procedures for site care, communication and best practices for trades on site.

3. Clean-up of the site daily is required by those working each day. If our site is occupied by you or your people, we make sure to have constant communication of times of work and availability.

4. Once renovation is complete, we don’t go anywhere we review all spaces and any concerns or call to come back for support.


Business & Medical Offices

Print office, agencies, marketing firm and other commercial services. We focus the owners and their wishes. The clients and employees have as say by the experiences of each. Our team of experts can bring R&D originality, and taste to an existing or new commercial interior, or completely create or transform your new business enterprise

Retail Spaces

Retail is a highly competitive arena. Beyond just creating a good-looking store with aesthetically pleasing displays, retail store design is a specially-tailored strategy, setting up a store to optimize space and sales. Consider the interior design of the store as your silent salesman putting people in the mood to buy


Hospitality is have guests welcomed and feel the experience from the lobby, guest room, public space and overall design. Hotels, restaurants cafes gives excitement to selecting the color scheme, lighting, and furniture that can greatly affect how a guest feels and the overall ambiance of the entire space.

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