Is this a Functional Reno? 5 Functions for a Family Home

Does your home say, “I got everything your looking for?” Sounds like an awkward date but truly if your home isn’t satisfying all your needs it’s time to take a look at a small or even major renovation if this is the home you will be in for longer than five years. As a few lifestyle questions to check if your home is the way it needs to be.

As a few lifestyle questions to check if your home is the way it needs to be.

At the time of this initial meeting which was mid fall our clients just had their grown children head off to university. With one left in the nest it was time to change.
But they were not needing to be downsizing as it was truly necessary to keep all four bedrooms as these teenagers will be coming home during school breaks and holidays. This created a true focus on listening to our client’s true needs. Here are the questions we went over;

  • We have big pots and lots of plates so a farmhouse sink, spacious kitchen counter tops, large cupboard space and pantry are a must.
  • Our main floor is used as a gathering space so open kitchen and Livingroom, big kitchen island and dinning is required with lastly a beautiful powder room to satisfy guests.
  • We have lived in this home for 15 years, so the appliances are outdated as they are even from the previous owner. It’s time for new, efficient and contemporary look.

Floors have a lot to put up. Kids, pets, furniture and feet. This can be an expensive renovation for some people, but it is a necessity.
Bathrooms, well we all have to use them and if it’s outdated or doesn’t suit the number of family members it is a great investment for any single-family home.
Kitchens are a place for gathering, sometimes having meals, cooking grand dinners and storing all your pots and small appliances. This space may need order, more cabinetry or counter tops to support the everyday meal prep.

Homes have trends that can become outdate. Certain types of wood such as oak or maple trim or flooring. In these circumstances it can be an easy replacement of modern baseboards windows and door frame trims and painted cabinets.
Carpet or tile replacement are great choices for bedroom and bathroom floors.
My favorite for these projects is finding carpet in the bathrooms for these projects. ☺ Windows and insulation may need to be replaced and properly insulated to keep our winter homes warm and running the furnace efficiently. Many homes we’ve visited over the years have outdated layouts that are just not functionable for the current space. Older homes might need to be upgraded to certain codes such as electrical wiring or structural standards.

A lot of homes from the 1950’s to 1980’s has minimal light fixtures or missed placed lighting throughout the home. A great resolution for this is to have recess lighting and new light fixtures to add style, efficiency and most importantly brightness. At this point a great addition to this would be to update the switches and electrical for new advances like dimmers or USB ports. If you have any great ideas you want to share, discuss or learn more about subscribe to our email. We promise to respect your mailbox with only providing value.

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