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It is all about the details. We listen to your vision, ideas and functional needs and take note. We meet at your home to understand the foundation of what we are going to transform your space from and for who in the home.

1. Our consultations take about 1.5 -2 hours depending on the request for work to be done

2. During this time, we are walking through the space you require work, talking about those that will be affected by the changes or have input and get a clear view of your needs

3. Providing a clear plan of the process, schedule and expectations if the final portion of this meeting so we both can move forward successfully with the project

Budget Presentation

It is important all affected by this renovation attend this second meeting. We off a preliminary Scope of Work and Price which is open to change and further explanation

1. Our proposed budget discussion generally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to go over and discuss changes

2. During this time, you should have a clearer idea of vision verses budget and what may be the best fit for your needs

3. To close the meeting, we will schedule the follow up for the go ahead of working on the project, phases that will be executed and preparation that will be needed

Renovation Process

After approval our goal is to the show you the vision of your new home renovation, take care of all the administrative details for the city, trades and scheduling for your confidence in the service you will be provided.

1. Once product selection and floor plan is completed we will schedule the renovation start date once permits have been sent in and approved (no structural then there is just starting)

2. During this time, you should feel confident in our communication, progress and see the vision come to life working closely with the design team as well.

3. Clean up and site safety is important throughout the process and when coming to an end. We make sure when we are done your home is ready for living fully.

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Renovation Completion

Lastly, once your home is finished for you to live in a fresh and creative space, we are here to guarantee the workmanship and product function is 100% until you see fit under our warranty.

1. Once clean-up is complete, we will have our final in-home consult covering any questions, concerns or follow up fixes for any trade.

2. We will complete a customer sign off sheet and provide final revision of invoices and warranty.

3. Our warranty guidelines continue our relationship past the end of our last installation to your home. This is us honouring our service and product provided.


Complete Home or Basement

Are you looking to change your home or  develop your basement in order to convert this space into a more livable one? We’ve put together a design, plan and budget strategy for you to be educated, comfortable and prepared to complete your project. 

Whether you need advice in planning your basement reno, ideas to inspire you, or even quotes from qualified professionals/contractors, we partner with you to get all the information you need to make the decisions to have a great home.


Safe Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are a great investment for one of the most used spaces in your home. The biggest request we hear from clients is about functionality. You must love to be in! The investment is truly an investment as the resale of your home can recoup this cost. Whether you want a whole new kitchen or a minor kitchen renovation, the conversation starts with a consult.
We are here to listen to your needs. The journey leads to us putting your words on paper to express the vision of your new kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are as much of a highlighted area as kitchens.   Our services include complete bathroom renovations  such as flooring, heated tile flooring, vanity’s and glass enclosed showers. 

Is your bathroom out dated? Has the bathroom been kindly used for many years? Does it work for all the family members in your home? We can talk about your vision of the logical bathroom for your space. 

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